Fretboard radiusing jig - $145 USD (25" scale)

The fretboard jig allows for quick and easy radiusing, even creating compound radii is a breeze!

Just attach your router and standard 3/4" bit (not supplied) to the sled, atttach fingerboard stock, set radius. Set the fretboard carriage to the first index mark, tighten clamps, route..advance to next index mark, repeat all the way across the board. You can stop here and hand/block sand to perfection, or go back across the board using the opposite colored index marks.

Pre-configured for 9, 9.5, 10, 12, 14 and 16" radius, and you can easily drill your own pivot holes for a custom radius. The sled rails are also height adjustable, should you ever require a graduated-height fretboard.

Users say:

"I'll never buy a serviced board again...this is great!"

"Super easy, works great!."

You can view the instructions HERE, a printed version will be included in shipment. Email me from the CONTACT page with any questions, and for pricing/shipping of the BASS GUITAR version. Shipping is calculated when you click the BUY NOW button.